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Contact Information

Laura Bergells
2261 Southgate Dr. SE
Kentwood, MI  49508


Laura BergellsIt’s no accident that you are right here, right now; reading these very words.

Think about it. Of all the gazillions of sites on the internet, how did you wind up here, of all places?

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You’re here for a reason.

My name is Laura Bergells. I’m one person, working out of my home office in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since 1999, I’ve made my living as an independent internet marketing consultant, presentation coach, and writer.

Internet Marketing and Presentation: that's why I'm here. Now, what brought YOU here? And how can I help you meet your marketing and presentation goals?

Let's talk!

Laura Bergells

And finally, here's what just a few of my clients have to say about my work:


Our phones are rockin'...
"You're awesome, Our phones are rockin and its because of you!!!!!" "The work you have been doing on our site placement has been awesome, we have noticed an increase in our phone calls. Our sales are way up over last year at this time and have been holding steady with what we have done in previous months even thought the economy has been slowing. So far the money I have spent with you I feel has been well invested and returned to me many times over in the form of sales. Thank-you very, very much."

Mark VanLente
Discovery Automotive
Used Honda Parts

We Won...
"We just completed two huge presentations.........thanks to your work on the WorkSquared Overview....the entire team had confidence in our response. We've already heard that we won one of the projects. Thank you!"

Molly Hilton,
Marketing Director,

Thank you for all your help!
"...the position on the search engines is great and everyone remarks about what a great job you do."

Nancy Sweatt
Dolphin Journeys
Swim with dolphins in Hawaii

Fast, Skilled, Friendly...
“Laura is a great pleasure to work with. Fast, skilled, friendly, and honest!”

Peer Instruction for Astronomy by Paul J. Green,
Harvard University.
Prentice Hall, Fall 2002. I

Far exceeded expectations...
“Wow! 'Far exceeded expectations' is an understatement! Laura is a top-notch writer with a flair for adapting to and understanding the subject matter at hand. The series she wrote is such a vast improvement over what we have in place now, there is just no comparison. We will definitely hire Laura to write for us on an ongoing basis - this was a perfect fit.”

Janet Wilson,
President of Empowerism,
Publisher of Excellence Magazine 

Excellent Reference...
"Your Six Steps for Wireless Advertising is an excellent reference for new clients to look at and review. . . "
TJ Weber Airvertise

Fantastic Job...
"Laura did a fantastic job incorporating my ideas into an exciting, well written paper. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone needing to add a little passion to a potentially dry subject. She understood very quickly where we needed to go and delivered a high quality paper exactly like she said she would, and exactly when she said she would. Kudos"

Bill Thomas
Black Sun Networks

A Real Joy...
 ". . .I thought I would drop these lines to you to tell you that your efforts have been one of the chief reasons that we have been able to accomplish major steps in advancing our goals for the electronic standards within our industry. You are a real joy to work with . . ."

Duke Drinkard
Southeastern Freight Lines

Masterful Presentation
"Your ability to listen to potential speakers ramble about a selected technical topic, organize their thoughts into a logical format and create a presentation flow is extraordinary. Your artistic ability to create a visual presentation that captures the main objective of the presentation is masterful. You are a true professional! Thank you very much!"

R.D. Flesher AGA Gas, Inc. 


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