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   Autoresponders -
  The Easy, Automatic Way to Turn Prospects into Customers

What’s an Autoresponder? Autoresponders deliver your sales letter 24 hours a day, within moments of receiving a request for information. Done right, autoresponders are a great way to automatically and almost effortlessly sell your products.

How do Autoresponders Work? When prospective customers read your online material and decide to reply by email to get more information, they are directed to reply to an email address. This address is not your own, but the address of your autoresponder. Within seconds of receiving a prospective customer’s email, the autoresponder sends out your pre-written response.

Ideally, the autoresponder will also CC its response to your email address with the original inquiry, etc. so that you can more specifically respond to the request.

Obviously, you'll want to increase the number of times your prospects turn into valued customers. Autoresponders help by contacting your prospects and repeatedly reminding them of their interest in your product. Through a series of email messages, you can explain why they must buy your product. 

    Effective Autoresponder Marketing Tips 

Technically, setting up an autoresponder is a simple enough task. However, you need to follow good marketing rules to use your autoresponse system for effectively turning your prospects into customers. Here are six important marketing tips to consider for a successful autoresponse marketing program.


Use the Least Common Denominator. Type the email autoresponder you plan to post in ASCII, using a 60 character per line maximum. No matter what kind of email client your prospective customer is using, your message will look good in this "least common denominator" format. Occasionally, you can break "least common denominator" rule if you keep careful statistics on your prospects and customers, and know for a fact that they use a rich text email browser.

The Seventh Time is a Charm! The autoresponder is an incredible lead management and follow-up tool. Implement autoresponse messages early in the sales cycle, but also remember to implement them often! Plan and write a series of follow-up autoresponse emails, not just one. Research shows that a customer will often need to hear from you, see your advertising, or visit your site an average of seven times before he or she makes an online purchase. The autoresponder is an easy way to remind your prospects of their interest in your products.

Unlimited responses. Some autoresponse services will offer you an unlimited number of autoresponses, while others offer a "per response" rate. When you use the internet to effectively market your wares, you’ll process thousands of requests. But because you plan on being successful, make sure you select an autoresponder service that will give you an unlimited number of autoresponses. 

Personalization. One of the most effective and attention grabbing headlines and greetings is your prospect's name. Your prospects want "me-mail" more than they want "e-mail". Select an autoresponder service that allows you to automatically insert a prospect's name in the subject line and text. Studies show that people are more likely to open an email from someone they don't know (or don't know very well!) if their name is in the subject line.

Track effectiveness. Make sure the autoresponder service will send you a copy of each customer and prospect inquiry so that you’ll be able to track effectiveness.

Ask about editing fees! While you're testing the effectiveness of your autoresponder copy, you'll need to make changes: tweaking headlines, adding or deleting information, or making other copy, format, and click-through enhancements to your email. Make sure that the autoresponder service that you select will let you change your content without additional fees.

There are thousands of autoresponder services available on the internet: make sure that yours will allow you unlimited responses, personalization and editing. In the end analysis, what makes or breaks your autoresponse service is you: use it as a lead follow-up tool and implement good sales copywriting, repetition and design rules, and you'll see your autoresponder effectively and effortlessly make your internet sales for you.


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Laura Bergells is an internet attraction and distance learning specialist. To learn how to be extremely attractive, visit to learn more about "attraction vs. promotion." Download free PowerPoint Templates!


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