Copywriting. . .
Because there's way more to communication than PowerPoint. . .

Articles. Brochures. White Papers. Emails. Websites. Speeches. Videos. . . .

Writing Samples:
Online Articles

Autoresponders 101
Humble Yet Powerful

Banner Ads 

What Every Successful
Advertiser Knows

Bulk Email
Spam is Evil, 
but Opt-In is Powerful!

Cell Phone Manners
Do You Have Them?

Contingency Planning
 Exclusive Report

Domain Names
Breakthrough Information!

How Alexa Works. . .
What's Alexa?

Log File Analysis 101
Learn to Love Your Stats!

How to Hold Audience Interest

Search Engine Marketing
Why Broad is Flawed...

Search Engine Placement
For Phenomenal Results

Video Conferencing
The First Few Years. . . 

Webcast Advertising
Exciting Corporate Communications

Wireless Advertising 
Special Report

Writing Samples:
Adobe Acrobat

What Have You Got To Lose? This motivational article was translated into 7 different languages and published in an international business magazine. Became the basis for a short, inspirational speech.

Three Magic Words
Inspire Yourself: read this article on the power of language! I also give speeches based on this article!

Power Of Joy!
Just in Time for the Holidays! This article is the basis for a new speech that I give at marketing/ad functions.

Focus on What You Want
A success story worth reading. A published motivational article, this is a speech in progress. . .

White Paper
What's CRM?

What's Diesel Injection?

Online Streaming Tutorials

Here's a demo: an instructional guide for a Learning Management software company

Find a real estate agent
Here's a narrated tutorial for members of a real estate vertical portal.

Kengmo is a wonderful
international musician.

Writing Tips
Learn Effective Internet Writing Tips

Tae Kwon Do!
See how a local gym is promoting their services 
via streaming email.

Presentation Checklist
What you need before making any major presentation.

Press Kit Checklist
Essential Items for your next Press Conference

Writing An Article
Get Your Thoughts Together Before You Start Writing!

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