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Domain Name and Domain Name Registration

What’s a Domain Name?

Simply put, it’s or That’s an oversimplification, because the InterNIC (the international organizing body that manages all these "dotcoms") has various levels of domains beyond the traditional "dotcoms". These include,, and a host of other domain name levels for all the various countries and organization all over the world.

Why should I register my own domain name?

Brand Identity. Instead of being identified as a user of an online provider ( or, you will have your own brand identity. When customers see you at your own domain name website, they will get the idea they are contacting a company with a specific purpose and identity.

You can also have all of your email correspondence broken down to specific departments. Your email address will be You tell prospects they can email their orders to or to send inquiries to This helps keep organization on your end and demonstrates efficiency to your clients.

Some businesses erroneously think that they are too small too worry about brand identity. Think again: today, companies are worth much more than their physical assets. Do you sell service or information? Can you position your product so that service is part of the product's or your company's branding? Is there some quality of your company that internet delivery or marketing could leverage into a perceived value-added? In this day and age, branding is a very important consideration.


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