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Dune Buggy - 

If you're in the West Michigan area and are looking for dune buggy rides & rentals, call

Saugatuck Dune Rides, 616-857-2253
You'll enjoy a 35 minute scenic dune buggy ride through the sand dunes of Saugatuck

And after you're through with your dune buggy ride. . . stay a while!

The Saugatuck area has it all! Camping, hiking, dune buggies, ecotourism, fine dining, shopping, golfing, fishing. . .  It's the The Cape Cod of the Midwest...only Saugatuck is a much better value!

Consider Sheer Beauty:

Nestled in spectacular wooded dunes along Lake Michigan's blue waters, Saugatuck is the perfect getaway destination for an extended vacation or a weekend escape. Long walks on the beach, ancient forests, breathtaking sand dunes, magnificent golf courses, unbelievable sunsets. . . it's a dream for any hiker or camper, dune buggy enthusiast, golfer, photographer or boater.

Consider Escape:

Saugatuck is located just 2 hours from Chicago and South Bend and less than 3 hours from Detroit. A quick drive in your car, and suddenly, you can enter another world entirely. Michigan sand dunes are completely unique. . .take the short drive and you'll see!

Consider Fine Art:

After a day on the dunes, you might feel like gallery hopping, looking at spectacular artwork, and getting a truly unique and unbelievable purchase. Think about this -- Saugatuck and Douglas have over 25 renowned galleries and artist studios. When you've been out playing in nature all day, you might need a "culture break". Browsing through the galleries and picking up unique artwork is just the kind of break you need from spending all your time at the sand dunes!

Consider Antique, Clothing, Gift & Specialty Shops

Over 75 shops and boutiques offer a wide selection and courteous service that can't be beat.

Not only are you going to see something completely off the beaten track, you're going to enjoy good, old-fashioned Midwestern friendliness and courtesy.

Consider the Best in Food & Drink

From Blue Moon ice cream to Bouillabaisse, you'll enjoy plenty of tasty options available among our 35 top-notch eating and drinking establishments. When you need a high-quality fine dining experience, you must consider Saugatuck. And when you need delicious ice cream and fudge as a break: you're going to find it in one of our many unique shops.

Consider Lodging:

You might be a "Bed and Breakfast" fan - and the Saugatuck area has some of the best that Michigan has to offer. Or try a cozy cottage on the water or an elegant suite with a fireplace and whirlpool. Our 45 motels, resorts, and bed & breakfasts offer something for everyone.

Consider Entertainment & Recreation

Museums, charter fishing, championship Michigan golf courses, summer stock theater, boat cruises, dune buggy rides. . .the list of activities is endless. You'll find something to enjoy, we promise!

Saugatuck Douglas is The Best of Three Worlds of Michigan Tourism. . . 

In Saugatuck and Douglas, you'll enjoy the best of three worlds of Michigan Tourism. . .it has natural beauty, attracts sophisticated tourists, yet retains the friendliness and honesty that you can only find in a small town in the Midwest. It's time to find out how you can enjoy an ideal weekend getaway or vacation in Saugatuck/Douglas!



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