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Free PowerPoint Backgrounds and Templates

Here is an assortment of free Power Point backgrounds and presentation templates...

Presentations: You can download them by clicking on the image or the text link.
This will automatically open up PowerPoint
(you do have PowerPoint loaded on your machine, don't you?)
To save: click on File, then Save. Enjoy!

Backgrounds: (If it's a PowerPoint background, click on the thumbnail below,
right click on the full-blown image, then save.)

I add fresh templates, presentations, and backgrounds frequently!

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Vortex Bleu.
This blue is manly...
More Floral PowerPoint Backgrounds here>>>

blue vortex background

Happy Easter!

Purple Easter PowerPoint Background

Spring Flowers!

Yellos PowerPoint Background

Spring Ahead!

Shamrock PowerPoint

PowerPoint Design Trends 2007
What are the Top 6 PowerPoint Design Trends for 2007
Find out!

powerpoint 2007

Icebreaker PowerPoint Background
What's your favorite (or least favorite) presentation icebreaker?
Your opinion counts!

icebreaker powerpoint

Rounded Corners
PowerPoint backgrounds with rounded corners were all the rage in 2006.
Read why


Logo Love
Where do you put your logo?.

Do you really need a logo on every slide?


Big Pink Heart Background - Not just for Valentines Day, also popular for weddings, anniversaries, Sweetest Day, dances...

Blue Capsule - Blue PowerPoint Backgrounds are popular


 Your Blue TV Corporations are big on blue backgrounds


You Can Quote Me
A background you can use on a slide featuring a famous quotation.


Celtic PowerPoint

st patrick green power point

Magic Blackboard
Better than a whiteboard. . .Good for "chalk talks".

Magic Power Point

Twiggy! Ahh, the great outdoors. . .

nature ppt

Paper Airplanes:
download this file, print it, cut it, fold it. A very fun paper airplane!

Due to popular demand, the "Most Popular" presentations are one the following pages

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