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A Frank Lloyd inspired template
Fore! a golf template for golf outings & such.  Animated! Golf Template
Lost Marbles
filled with pithy thoughts for your next biz prez 
swipe file Dreamhole- another golf template - no animation. The Dream Hole Golf Background
Genetic Engineering 
A few pages from a presentation
PowerPoint Template - Genetic Engineering Bunker -  golf  templates are the "most popular" request Golf PowerPoint

Golden Success  
Inspire success with this free download
Success Slides C2A! A corporate template. Works nicely with oval-shaped logos.
Subliminal Success
Success can be sneaky with this template. . .
More success slides Lightstripe - a popular background.  Lightly striped
A cartoon inspired background for child themes.
cartoon speech Circular Reasoning - round and round she goes. . .and stops at the borders. Circular reasoning