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At last! If you use PowerPoint, you can easily create optimized and secure online presentations with narration, audio, video, graphics, animations, slide transitions and hyperlinks. Plus, your online presentation can be viewed on any web browser, across multiple operating platforms...and on many hand-held devices.

impatica for PowerPoint delivers media-rich PowerPoint presentations online. With the click of a button, you can compress your PowerPoint files up to 95%, so that your presentation is optimized for e-mail and Internet delivery, cross-platform, plug-in free...even at dial-up speeds! Your audience doesn't even need PowerPoint to view your files!

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"How to Add Impact & Deliver More Effective Presentations - Over the Internet!" 

Many people use PowerPoint to design and create their presentations -- it's familiar, quick, and easy. Microsoft estimates that more than 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created every day.

But the online delivery challenges of PowerPoint can be overwhelming. Even a web savvy company like Google posted a PowerPoint presentation online in March 2006 -- with disastrous results. The big problem? Google forgot about PowerPoint's speaker notes -- and inadvertently revealed internal information to analysts.

PR and IR Pros: Learn from Google's Goof! For many years, web delivery of PowerPoint presentations meant limiting your viewing audience and even sacrificing narration and animation effects. And PowerPoint's bloated file size often created bandwidth and download issues. Today, impatica for PowerPoint is your solution to these nagging problems. Impatica lets you easily deliver narrated, animated PowerPoint presentations -- plug-in free through your web site and by email. And because impatica optimizes your file for internet deliver, often shrinking file sizes by up to 95% --  so that you can widen your reach to many platforms and devices, even at dial-up modem speeds.  

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For trainers and membership sites: Rich media and multimedia is all the rage. More people demand a richer multimedia experience when they are looking for online information. But one of problem that trainers and membership sites have is that their multimedia files can be easily stolen and modified. But when you impaticize your PowerPoint files, you not only give your audience a richer multimedia presentation -- but your multimedia presentation can't be edited.

This means that your audience views your presentation exactly as you intended. Your audience will do more than see your slides: they'll hear your voice and inflections, which gives them a better online experience.

Impaticize your PowerPoint today!

Impatica for PowerPoint is easy to learn and use. Launch the Impatica program and select the PowerPoint file you want to impaticize. In seconds, the program will create a corresponding Impatica file, and you're ready to go. Without hassle or additional software, you can add the Impatica presentation to your web site. 

How It Works In a nutshell, Impatica for PowerPoint identifies each element on each PowerPoint slide, including audio segments and animation effects, and converts them into a compact format. When the presentation is accessed from a web page, a small Java applet streams the content and dynamically shows the narrated, animated presentation. 

Bandwidth Issues Solved! Impatica is ideal for companies that are struggling with internal bandwidth issues. Pumping PowerPoint files through email, or downloading whole presentations really can choke up the old network! After you impaticize a PowerPoint presentation, however, your presentation is often reduced to 95% of its original size. And that includes narration, graphics and animation. 

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You have nothing to lose. . . Try the free download to impaticize a few of your favorite PowerPoint presentations. In a few minutes, you'll see for yourself why Impatica is a must-have software for any serious trainer, educator or corporate communicator! Click here to get your FREE EVALUATION COPY of Impatica today!



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