Paper Airplanes in PowerPoint

Paper airplanes are fun to make and fun to fly.
paper airplane

Here's my favorite PowerPoint paper airplane: it's a whirlybird or helicopter pattern. To use it, simply download the PowerPoint file, print it., and follow the 6 easy instructions in the file. It's more of a paper helicopter than it is a paper airplane, but  it's a super whirly, super-unique flyer!

Easy 6 step instructions for making your paper airplane whirlybird:

1. Download the paper airplane PowerPoint file. (You must have PowerPoint on your computer for this to work.)

2. Open the PowerPoint file. At this point, you can be really creative: change the pictures and message to something really fun and really unique! Kids can put in their names and own imaginative drawings or clip art. Just how creative can you be with your paper airplane designs? Now's the time to find out!

3. Print your unique design. You can print your airplane on regular white paper, or you can print it on heavier stock, or even colored paper.



4. Cut and fold the paper airplane according to the instructions.

5. Throw it in the air, and watch it whirl to the ground! Your groovy paper plane will sometimes spin a few times when it lands on the right surface (a glass table or linoleum floor). It looks like a helicopter in the air, and a spinning top when it hits the ground.

6. Have fun!

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