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Free PowerPoint 2000 Tutorial:
Power Point Basics

An Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint
from MicroVideo Learning Systems

What You'll Learn in this Free, 26.5 minute video.

PowerPoint 2000 Basics
- Introduction to PowerPoint 2000
- Introduction to Segment 1
- Launching PowerPoint 2000
- Closing the Office Assistant
- Examining the PowerPoint Dialog Box
- Opening a Presentation
- Exploring the PowerPoint Program Window
- Exploring a Menu
- Examining the Standard and Formatting Toolbars
- Displaying the Standard and Formatting Toolbars on Separate Rows
- Examining the Slide Workspace and Tri-Pane View
- Exploring Common Tasks
- Examining the Status Bar and Scroll Bars
- Using the Office Assistant to Get Help
- Exploring PowerPoint's Help Features
- Using the "What's This" Feature to Get Help
- Exiting PowerPoint 2000 Program
- Additional Exercise
Creating a Presentation
- Introduction to Segment 2
- Creating a New Presentation
- Adding Text To a Slide
- Modifying Text
- Adding a New Slide to a Presentation
- Creating a Slide with Clip Art
- Correcting Spelling Mistakes and Style Checking
- Using the Clip Gallery
- Interactive Exercise #1 Result
- Interactive Exercise #1
- Interactive Exercise #1 Result
- Editing a Slide Using the Find/Replace Text Feature
- Creating a Text Box
- Moving a Text Box
- Switching to Slide Sorter View
- Rearranging the Order of Slides
- Deleting a Slide
- Applying a Template
- Using Slide View
- Saving the Presentation
- Exiting PowerPoint 2000
- Additional Exercise
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