Humble Yet Powerful: The Signature File.

The humble signature file is an amazingly simple, inexpensive, yet powerful method to direct traffic to your site. Technically, a signature file is merely text and a link found at the end of your e-mail message. But from an attraction standpoint, the email signature file a fantastic opportunity to let people know who you are and what you do.

A successful signature file can contain a headline, an offer, an address, a phone number, an email, and of course, a click-through link to your site. Signature files are very popular because they work so well and are incredibly easy to implement.

Need proof? Hotmail became a top email service provider in a matter of months by using nothing more than a well-written signature file with a link to their website. Hotmail didn't invest in expensive Super Bowl advertising: they merely stated their offer with a link at the end of each message.

You can do the same.

At the end of every email you send, use a signature file to convey your message or offer, as well as a link to your site. Many email programs let you automatically add a signature file to all of your outgoing email: but don't stop there! Use your signature file on bulletin board postings, guestbooks, newsgroups, chat rooms or other networking groups.

Put your signature file message on OFFLINE materials, too. Business cards, faxes, letters, invoices, receipts, thank you notes, greeting cards: seize every opportunity you can to attract interest in your site or your offer. Here is an example of  an excellent signature file:


Joyce L. Grinczel
Website Manager
(800) 733-3788 ext.305
(517) 393-1222 Fax
"Find Real Estate Agents You Can Trust"


Notice that there are two links: one for the company name, and one for the slogan. This gives your email readers two opportunities to click through to your site, plus it makes the slogan stand out a little more. Further, if someone should cut, copy, and paste the sig file to a web site, the term "real estate agents" is included in the link text, which helps the search engines rank this site better for a key search term.

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