How to Develop a Wireless Advertising Campaign in Six Essential Steps

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What's a wireless advertising plan? Why should you consider wireless advertising? How can you put together a wireless advertising plan? This article addresses why and how to plan and implement an effective wireless ad campaign.

1. Determine your wireless advertising objectives

The number of people who use wireless devices (cell phones, pagers and PDAs) is growing throughout the world. Wireless advertising can allow your company to deliver a variety of different messages to handheld users.

Wireless advertising is relatively new: the results on the kind of content that will be most effective for wireless advertising is not conclusive. However, content sponsorship, opt-in coupons and directories will likely be the most successful of the various wireless ad methods.

In determining your objectives, consider the target audience for wireless advertising: the wireless audience is highly likely to be high-income professionals who are on the go.

Some of the potential benefits of wireless advertising over traditional forms of advertising may include: 

Keep in mind consumer behaviors that you wish to modify and how you will measure the success of the wireless ad program. Some "soft" measures include: weight, branding, loyalty and message association, etc. "Hard" measures include: click through rates, purchases through unique toll free numbers, E-commerce on mobile phones, visits to brick and mortar stores, in-store purchases, etc.

2.  Develop a company-wide wireless advertising strategy

Wireless advertising is still in its infancy: it's important to develop a company-wide wireless advertising strategy that covers issues of security, privacy, standards and technologies.

3. Determine which type of wireless ad you will produce

4. Identify a wireless ad producer.

You will need to produce the ad that meets your objectives and technology requirements. You may need to hire a firm that includes the services of a copy writer, artist, WAP or WML programmer and ad placement specialist.

If you have a click-through or linked ad, you may also need to program a special WAP or WML site. You may also want to program a part of your website to start a wireless subscription list.

5. Place your wireless ad.

After your ad is produced, it needs to be placed. Wireless content providers can place your ad within their content feeds. Popular content feeds include access to email, news, entertainment, stocks, weather and sports. You may also elect to provide your own wireless content, depending on your company's wireless advertising strategy. Often, wireless subscribers may "opt in" at your company website.

6. Measure the success of your wireless advertisement placement

 In developing your wireless ad objectives, you determined some of the factors for determining the success of your wireless advertising. Now is the time to quantify your success factors. Your wireless content provider will be able to give you a report on the number of impressions your ad received. If one of your measures is "click-throughs", you should also use the web log analysis tool that is in place at your site. If one of your measures is "call-throughs" or "call to sales", you should assign a special toll free number to measure the number of calls, and instruct your sales agents or operators to record the number of leads and sales they received as a result of the wireless ad placement. You may also wish to employ in-store surveys if one of your ad objectives was to increase visits to a real-world store or to lead to real-world purchases.

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